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Monitoring Docker Containers using the Elastic Stack

Having multiple containers spread across different nodes creates the challenge of tracking the health of the containers, storage, CPU, memory utilization and network load. Whilst you can use tools like Portainer to monitor and keep track of your dockers, in a production environment, the Elastic stack becomes the best tool…

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An analysis of the data available to social media companies to identify trolls and the role machine learning is playing (and failing)

Following a loss to Italy in the UEFA Euro 2020 Championships match, social media platforms have been inundated with racist messages and posts directed at Black players on England's national team. Racists hiding behind anonymous accounts is not a new issue in football. Social media companies claim they are doing…

Presidential candidate Bobi Wine protesting the social media tax — 2018 — Image courtesy of…

The Internet & Africa

As Uganda approaches its presidential election we look at the continuing trend of regimes in Africa restricting social media and internet access.

New year, same old tricks. As election season approaches in Uganda, the government has taken the unnecessary step to block social media access during the election process. Uganda is not the first nation to take this approach, with Tanzania in 2020 opting to take the route of restricting social media…

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3 skills to get you started in transitioning into cybersecurity in 2021

A comprehensive guide on skills that in my opinion are worth having a look at this year if you're looking to transition into cybersecurity.

As we welcome the New Year with a 3rd national lockdown in the UK, it, unfortunately, means some of us have had to cross off going to the gym as part of our new year's resolutions. For those who may be interested in adding cybersecurity as a replacement, I wanted…

Utilizing your £150 free Azure credits using honeypots as a learning tool for Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

If you’re new to cloud computing and are looking to gain knowledge in this space, one of the most recommended certifications you can get is the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: AZ-900. If you have never used Microsoft Azure, you’re in luck. For creating your account, new users will get £150 cloud…

Teamwork makes the dream work — Foundervine

An update on our Vine Community migration

My name is Stephen Chapendama and I’m the Technology Manager at Foundervine. For those who don’t know, over the last 2 years, we have had a vibrant and an amazing community-led Whatsapp group where entrepreneurs and program graduates have been networking, creating and sharing all things entrepreneurship and business development.

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What can we learn from the rise of Zoom during the lockdown 🚀

It’s been the summer of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts (now called Meet) and for a brief 2 weeks, House Party. As most countries began locking down we started to see a rise in companies starting the digital switch over. Whilst most organizations have been prepared for lockdown and already…

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What to do when the world is watching:

Tools and resources on staying safe online during a period of virality

You can't predict or plan on going viral so when it does happen, are you aware of the cyber implications that come along with it? This post will highlight things you should know and the ways businesses and individuals can protect themselves after going viral. Often, becoming viral means there’s…

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